Monday, September 21, 2009

The birth of makeworkproject

Yes, I have started a blog. Does this mean I am slowly becoming the kind of person I scoff at? A ‘blogger’ (a group I had always brushed with one sweeping stroke of neediness, attention-whoring, pretention and self-indulgence) was certainly not something I thought I would ever identify myself as. I may as well buy skinny jeans, take a modern dance class, or wear teetering heels on cobblestone streets. But obviously this (at least the blog part) has changed.

Blogs slowly started creeping into my internet ‘favourites’ list about a year ago, with my mild stalking of a local craft shop. I have recently discovered that blogs now make up the majority of my bookmarks, as I am inspired and awed by like-minded individuals in crafting, track the thoughts of compatriots in my occupational field, and drool over gorgeous food porn.

There are still many things I dislike about the whole blogging trend – the bad poetry, prose and other demonstrations of ‘superior’ writing skills, the assumption that everyone in the webiverse will want to read your musings, or the documentation of every miniscule (non-)event in your life. Ugh. Not that there is anything wrong with that, exactly – but I will continue to roll my eyes in your general direction, silly bloggers.

That said, I make no claims that makeworkproject will be any less irrelevant or self-indulgent. I will be upfront about this from the get-go. This is for me. An outlet. It is a project to make me work (look – the name!) and to get me writing again. It will also document other projects I am working on – sewing, cooking, being ridiculous, etc. For my benefit (I honestly don’t think anyone else will be interested in reading makeworkproject).

Also, there will be random tidbits of information you couldn’t possibly care less about.

There – now I’m rolling my eyes at myself.

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