Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Project #2 – What I Don’t Miss About Toronto (first installment)

i) The Squeal of the TTC Tracks

TTC drivers often develop hearing loss on one side only - due to the shrieking tracks out the drivers side window. I cringe just thinking about it. Do they get used to it? I certainly didn't. I often found myself plugging my ears as the subway screeched to a halt, or the streetcar ground around corners. I am mostly on Team TTC - but I just wish they would oil those things once in awhile.

ii) The Smell
The first thing G and I commented on during out most recent visit to Toronto was the smell that assaulted us when emerging from the subway. The garbage strike was long over, but the smell of hot, sticky, rotting organics was still clinging to the air. Toronto at the height of summer can be fabulous - and it can be gross. Yuck.

iii) The Smog
The sky turns brown. Sky is not supposed to be brown.

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