Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

G and I have been together for awhile - this will be our twelfth Christmas as a couple. Twelve years of exchanging gifts that have wandered the range between simple, awkward, overboard, sweet, ill-thought out, and perfect. And of course there were different understandings and expectations around the term 'stocking,' and what that might contain.

The past few holidays we've taken different, more creative approaches to our gift-giving. Sometimes homemade or edible (or drinkable) components are required. Last year we adopted a Twelve Days of Christmas strategy - over the twelve days leading up to our leaving for Christmas with my family, we would place a gift under the tree. Most were small silly things, but it was fun to watch them pile up. Twelve Days. Twelve Gifts.

We liked this idea, and have adopted and adapted it again for this year. We came up with a list of twenty-four 'categories' (or 'themes'), and from those twenty-four we selected twelve at random. Gifts we buy this year must reflect these themes.

The inspiration for our gift buying for Christmas 2009 is as follows:

  1. Something we can do together
  2. Something they can do/use outdoors
  3. Something cuddly
  4. Something beginning with the first letter of the person's name
  5. Something that rhymes
  6. Something from the store 'Little Mysteries'
  7. Something reminding us of our childhood Christmases
  8. Something delicious
  9. Something from an art gallery
  10. Something they'd want to display
  11. Something practical
  12. Something they'd want to take to work
Obviously, many of these themes are open to interpretation (something cuddly: do I get him the socks, a bag of cotton balls, or a kitten?), and I'm looking forward to seeing what appears under the tree.

Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time coming up with clever ideas. This could get interesting.


  1. I think it's going to be fun, once I start coming up with some ideas. And there were some other great themes that didn't come out in the random selection process: Something that rocks, something green, something to waste hours of their time . . . . . maybe next year?

  2. yes, great idea...can't wait to hear about what you create and what G does in return. this is claudine, by the way

  3. Wow. What the heck were we thinking . . . this is difficult!