Monday, January 4, 2010

Danse Danse Resolution

Ah yes. The New Year. Time to think about becoming a better person and to pretend, for a little while, that I have the will power to make it happen.

In 2010 I will . . .
  • Accept more invitations to social events, even when it involves being surrounded by people I don't know. I've made a few friends since moving to Halifax, but mine isn't what I would call a particularly robust social circle. The only way I'm going to start meeting new people is to move a little outside my comfort zone (ie my sleep pants and living room). So - who wants to be my new best friend!?
  • Explore more of the city. Halifax won't embrace me unless I embrace it first. I've been pretty downtown-centric so far, as my life tends to exist in a walking-distance radius from my apartment. I love downtown Halifax, but realize that it's not the 'be-all, end-all'. I'd like to get familiar with some of the other neighborhoods, especially since I intend to buy a house in one of them in the near future. I have yet to explore the Hydrostone, or much of the North End. And there's always deep, dark Dartmouth (I suppose).
  • Embrace the Year of Health. At the start of 2009 I proclaimed it the Year of Change, and it certainly was - new job, new city, new friends, new skills. Hoping for similar results in 2010, I have decided it will be the Year of Health. Contrary to my pre-moving plans, I have put on even more weight since moving to Halifax. This trend must be reversed. Weight-loss will be awesome, but it is not the sole focus of the YoH. I am making plans to eat better, find a doctor and dentist, and just make healthier choices for living my life.
  • Become a more careful sewer. I am a lazy sewer, I admit it. I 'eyeball' things that should be carefully measured. I don't press nearly as much as I know I should. My lines aren't always super straight, but I rarely go back and try again. Taking just a little more time would really show in the finished projects, and likely help with my frustration levels.
  • Revisit my former thriftiness. I used to be great at finding deals - really, really great. I was an excellent used clothing shopper, and somehow managed to find weirdly awesome stuff at dollar stores. That changed when I moved to Toronto and used (or 'vintage') stuff was suddenly cool. Having no desire to elbow hipsters over plaid shirts, I gave up. This year I will make a go of it again - particularly when it comes to sourcing cheap fabric. Also included in this category: use more coupons and take advantage of sales.
  • Become more organized. I love to organize things - papers, toiletries, files, lists, groceries, books . . . . but somehow I still end up feeling scattered and -well- disorganized. I will remedy this, or at least reduce its awfulness.
  • Be less dependent (or 'addicted', or 'obsessed' with) the internet. I am on the internet a lot. I email, I facebook, I tweet (therefore I am?). 'Google it' is my answer to most dilemmas. I am not saying I am going to give it up, but I feel I need to restrain my use a little. You know, call someone rather than writing an email, pick up a reference book rather than Googling. At least I'll give it a try.
  • Get a library card. Why haven't I done this yet? Because I'm lazy, that's why.

All right, folks - hold me accountable.


  1. You are an endearing soul, young lady. Unfortunately I won't be here to hold you accountable, but I will email, tweet and facebook you occasionally to make sure you're holding up your end of the bargain.

    As to friends, shopping, getting out, exploring, you know what we need to do? Road trip. To the awesome valley for wine and yarn, to the French shore for Frenchy's bin-diving, and to Mahone Bay to the Biscuit Eater for gnoshing.

  2. You can hold me accountable from a distance - I have faith in you.

    Stick around until warm weather and we will totally road trip it up!

  3. great list heather! My only resolution is to be more moderate in my drinking...I actually started that mid december and haven't been drunk goal is to buzz, not blackout. So far so good. Steve is on board as well, so that's always good. HAPPY NEW YEAR! by the way.