Monday, January 24, 2011

I do declare!

G and I regularly make grand declarations about our even grander intentions – mostly about how we’re going to be better people. Who doesn't want to be a better person? Our declarations are usually on the level of "We'll eat salad four times a week!" or "We'll only play video games for two hours this weekend!" or "We'll read one book a month" or "We'll do the Wii Active Program all the way through to the end!" You get the idea. None of these things ever happen.

It's not that I don't really want to do these things, exactly. I love eating salad, but for some reason I hate making salad. It may be because lettuce tends to be a pain in the ass or, more accurately, because G and I are – separately – very lazy people. Together we are enablers on the level of Brendan and Jason in Home Movies. 

We know when we do bad, and we have honest-to-goodness intentions to do better. We feel good about our declarations even when they don’t stick, and the occasional small victory means these declarations get bigger and more ambitious. For example, we’ve taken to making grand declarations about the entire upcoming year, sort of in the style of the Year of the Rat or Year of the Child – except better because it relates directly to us and not to rats or children.

Cue the twilight of 2008. We were in a rut. Neither of us had ideal job situations – G actively disliked his (warranted) and while I loved my job, it was contract-to-contract and unreliable. We were overpaying for our apartment and had an unpredictable, hobo-mobilizing Irish tornado for a landlord. There was an overall stagnancy to our lives, and so in a fit of desperate ambition we declared 2009 the Year of Change.

The Year of Change panned out. Near the beginning of the year I was offered an exciting new job – a job that involved moving to a new province. The move from Toronto to Halifax got the change ball rolling and set the tone for the rest of the year. I had my new job, and G quickly found work where he was infinitely more happy than at his last job. We had two great new apartments (with only minor landlord complaints), slowly met new friends and got to know our new home city. We acquired a old pink trailer as a ‘summer home’ in New Brunswick. So much change.

Riding on the success of the Year of Change, we declared 2010 the Year of Health. We’d ‘let ourselves go’ over the previous few years, to put it mildly, and this was going to be rectified in 2010. Yessir. The Year of Health was meant to encompass a number of things: we were going to find doctors (I don’t go to the doctor), we were going to find dentists (I don’t go to the dentist), we were going to exercise ‘more’, we were going to eat better and drink less, we were going to leave the house more often (very ambitious, I know)! Everything would be GREAT! Unfortunately, other than a few quickly derailed exercise campaigns and my finally finding a doctor in the dying days of the year, the Year of Health did not pan out.  

But it was by no means a complete waste of a year. Instead of the Year of Health, 2010 became an extension of the Year of Change (officially declared a few months in, after a dismal showing out of the gate). We bought a house. We got married (more on that in another post). These things trumped former declarations.

As a result, I have taken to thinking of 2010 as the Year of Settling - and I mean that with both good and bad connotations of 'settling'. We spent a good chunk of the year settling into the new house and neighborhood, and settling into married life. Unfortunately it also meant settling into familiar ruts and habits, only transferred to a new location.  

It was abundantly clear that we needed more from 2011 - more growth, more ambition, more finishing projects, more sticking to the plan, more being grown-ups, more leaving the house. Just more. In this vein we have declared 2011 the Year of Getting Shit Done (or the Year of GSD in classy company).  We will fight laziness, we will gently thwart the enabling nature of our relationship, we will finish those projects, we will be social beings, we will leave the house. We will Get Shit Done. 


  1. This post is pretty text-heavy, I know. More pictures next time. Promise.

  2. I love it! Love text! Of course, I love pictures too, but this is good just the way it is...unless you want to add pictures of you and G doing the Wii fit workout (I'm picturing hula-hooping)....

    Nice to see you posting again. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Ha ha - no one needs to see a picture of that, Sylvia!