Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Show & Tell: Kraken vs Ship

Here's the latest piece of embroidery that I actually finished - a pillowcase embroidered with one of  SewLovely's Deep Blue Sea embroidery transfers.

Lately I've been a big sucker for all things nautical, and so was super excited to receive the transfers in the mail (I also got the Flappers and Forest Friends ones. So. Cute.) The only problem was choosing which design to go for first.

Well OK, not the only problem. I had multiple 'hiccups' with this project - from basic issues like colour and stitch choices, to completely misreading the design at one point. And it took me a really, really long time (but that's mostly my fault). Oy.

But I like the way it ultimately turned out:

I have a matching blank pillowcase and am thinking of doing one of the other designs so I have a sort-of-matching set. The futon in my spare room is going to look GREAT.

This ship never really had much of a chance, did it?


  1. Holy crap - that is AMAZING! I love the octopus! I can't even hem my own pants!

    Yes, all of those exclamation points were deserved.

  2. Thank you! I have to admit - I'm pretty darn pleased with how it turned out. This reminds me that I need to post pictures of it's equally sea-worthy counterparts!

    PS I have never hemmed pants.