Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ice Cream and Fame : In Which I am Supremely Awesome

I love ice cream. You love ice cream (I assume you love ice cream because if you don't you are probably some sort of demon or Nazi, and I doubt they read craft blogs. Maybe I'm wrong). People also love fame, I'm told -- so I am about to make you very jealous.

I am 'Ice Cream Famous'. Please see the evidence below:

This post could alternatively be titled Holy Crap I Got Weirdly Ridiculously Tanned This Summer

Two years ago I entered a contest to name one of Farmer's Dairy's 'East Coast Creamery' Products. I didn't win first place - but I did get some cash monies out of the deal and they eventually decided to make my entry into delicious creamy reality.  

This summer saw the debut of Privateer's Bounty at scooping stations around the Maritimes - and I hereby proclaim it a delicious success!