Thursday, June 27, 2013

A really big canvas

I work in an archives, which varies between not-dirty-at-all and interior-of-a-vacuum-bag dirty in as much time as it takes to open that next box (it's that same box that tore your new sweater the first time you wore it). After some consultation with the coworkers, it was decided that lab coats would be the solution, so BAM:

You'll note that they do not make lab coats for curvy ladies (or at least the local university did not have such things). I believe this one is structured for a 6'4 beast of a gent with football shoulders. We take what we can get, amIright? Some things need to change, obviously: the comically long sleeves are not made for archival grunt work, and the thing is one giant, shapeless tube of white (with pockets, though!).

I decided to look at it as less of a shapeless blob, and more like a giant canvas. First, I shortened the sleeves (unfortuantely the shoulders are still way out of place. I'm not a genie) and added some lovely purple fabric for a splash of colour, which you can see in the terrifying picture on the right  ----->

 And then it was time for the best part - the embroidery! Obviously I started with a nice, bright monogram.

A purple posy for my pocket:

My favourite bit has to be this kick-ass tattoo-style design I did on the arm:

I'm super pleased with how this turned out, in particular. Note the bits of silver thread in the blade!

It's still a shapeless blob, of course. But now it's a shapeless blob with CHARACTER. And of course there is tonnes more space to keep adding to it. I'm thinking a giant candy-coloured sugar-skull-style owl across the back...

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